Monday, February 4, 2008

Stat Lightning: Dublin Davis Irish Report

He's back. They're back. It's all back. Following a post-holiday slump, Coach Obrynba's Dublin Davis Irish 8th Grade Girls Basketball Team has stormed back into the winning column, taking FIVE of their last SIX games, including a victory in Tournament action. When we last left Insane from the Ukraine Coach Obrynba, the journeyman was searching for a way to reinvigorate his team after suffering back to back losses. Well bottle it up and sell it from the trunk because reinvigorated they were as Dublin Davis conquered the Norton Wildcats like poachers unleashed in a nature preserve, winning by 32 points for a final of 43-11. From there, the Irish dropped one contest to Hilliard Heritage 19-27 but rebounded with three straight victories to end the regular season. Overcoming Dublin Grizzell 28-22, Dublin Karrer 28-9 and Dublin Sells 36-7. Do you see the pattern emerging? I hope so because it's pretty obvious. Hungry for victory, the 8th Grade Girls Basketball Team took on Worthingway in their first game of Tournament Play, triumphing 29-15. Stay tuned as we continue to follow the Dublin Irish in their quest for the gold.