Monday, February 4, 2008

Lightning Will: Cap on Drugs!

What happens when you give the specimen of metabolically enhanced human perfection a concentrated dose of designer stimulant? One of the greatest mini-series in Captain America history, that's what!
That's right. For seven issues in 1990, Captain America fought a new battle. The battle against being a junkie. Not intentionally of course. Caught in a warehouse explosion filled with street candy ICE, Cap's system is overloaded with the potent pick me up. Erratically navigating his way through the streets and meeting up with the likes of Daredevil, Diamondback, Black Widow, The Red Skull, Crossbones, Bullseye and The Kingpin himself, Wilson Fisk, Captain America finally ends up alone in a dank alley. Coming down hard off of his super high, a shambled sight of paranoia and unfocused aggression.
The FDA's new Anti-Substance Abuse Slogan:
Use drugs and Cap will whup that @$$.

Captain America # 372-378. Gruenwald. Lim. Bulanadi. Marvel Comics.

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