Friday, January 4, 2008

Lightning Panel: Snake-Eyes & Storm Shadow

The ninja and the commando. The soldier and the assassin. G.I. Joe mainstays Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow have shared a tumultuous and convoluted history since their introduction 25 years ago. Originally friends in the Vietnam war, the two have traversed the plane of existence as the best of friends and chiefest rivals. The rift started when Storm Shadow invited Snake-Eyes to travel to Japan and join the family business. The ninja business. There, Snake-Eyes learned physical and emotional control, garnering the attention of clan leaders Hard and Soft Master. Storm-Shadow soon became jealous and was forced to flee when Hard Master was murdered. The killing tool: one of Storm Shadow's steel arrows.

Years later the two have met again. Snake-Eyes went on become a founding member of G.I. Joe while Storm Shadow sold his talents to terrorist organization Cobra. When Snake-Eyes finds out shape shifting Cobra mercenary Zartan is the true assassin, he enlists Storm Shadow to infiltrate the near impregnable Cobra island. Upon hearing the truth, Storm Shadow sets out with one goal. Zartan gets deaded.
The duo hack and slash their way through Cobra troops, filling them with bullets and arrows. But they're too late, As Cobra Commander has put the unconscious Zartan in a jet, ready for take off.
The lust for blood overwhelms Storm Shadow as he tries to sacrifice himself to stop the take off. But Snake-Eyes shows his inner compassion and saves his former friend. In their escape, the duo is separated and Snake-Eyes is rescued by his G.I. Joe comrades. Storm-Shadow fights through more Cobra troops before being gunned down by the Baroness on a nearby beach.

G.I. Joe # 45, 46, 57
Marvel Comics 1982
Larry Hama/Script
Rod Whigham/Pencils
Andy Mushynsky/Inks
Joe Rosen/Lettering
George Roussos/Colors
Dennis O'Neil/Editor
Jim Shooter/Editor in Chief
Mike Zeck/Covers

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