Monday, December 31, 2007

Dick's Quick Kick: A Bittersweet Life

With the new year approaching, Dick Lightning has brought in another addition to the Mixed Bag fold as comic artist James Coats gives us a quick hit of a flick you really should see.

James writes:
Released in it’s native South Korea in 2005, this violent and stylish gangster movie gives us a look into the grimy Korean underworld. To start things off, this flick looks amazing. Great cinematography. Very slick and definitely gives the movie an individual feel. Can’t say enough about the look of the film, I actually thought wow, the dirty criminal underworld has never looked so good! Story wise, Bittersweet Life is simple and straight forward. No crazy plot twists or elaborate back stories in this one. An ice cold mob enforcer gets thrown into the meat grinder, two times. He fails to follow his bosses exact orders and is also being targeted by a vengeful rival gang lord.

There’s definitely a replay value to the movie and it hits like a gust of fresh air. Casting is a big part of any movie and the actors in Bittersweet Life are fantastic. Lee Byung Hun (spellings differ depending on what site or review you’re reading) does the business as the brutal hit-man/enforcer. He’s smart and ruthless, follows orders while having conscience in his own motives. It’s no surprise he’s going to play Storm Shadow in the upcoming live action G.I. Joe film. If you get the chance to see this flick, do it. If you can handle it that is. But if you like great acting, dazzling cinematography and lots, lots and lots of violence, check it out.
James rates A Bittersweet Life as:
X Best of the Best - The Classic
Best of the Best II - Still Pretty Sweet
Best of the Best III: No Turning Back - Not so sweet, kinda crappy
Best of the Best IV: Without Warning - Getting close to craptacular